Adopt Me! One-Eyed Cat Found Inside a Car Engine Is Looking for Love

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Home: Some pets never have one to call their own. We’d like to help change that by introducing you to an adoptable pet every week. Today, in honor of Adopt a Shelter Cat month, meet Fannie, a one-eyed kitty who earned her name through an unfortunate set of circumstances.

The 7-year-old cat, now in the care of the Michigan Cat Rescue, was caught inside a car’s engine, specifically under the fan belt — hence the name Fannie. She had been trying to stay warm, when a person heard her cries. It took a little teamwork, but people got together and took apart the engine, which set her free.

“Unfortunately her eye was punctured and damaged so badly it had to be removed,” says the rescue’s president and founder Nancy Hutchinson. “She was adopted once into a really nice home but her owner suffered a stroke and passed away so she has returned to us by a friend of the woman.”

Although Fannie is missing an eye, she’s just like any other cat. “She is a lap cat, she is very sweet, very friendly and loving,” Hutchinson says. “She likes to sit and look out of a window. She is quiet and gentle and loves to be around people.”

The rescue hopes it won’t be too long before Fannie’s luck changes. “We hope the right home will come along for her again,” Hutchinson adds. “She has had a tough life.”

If you think Fannie is the feline for you, fill out an adoption application on the Michigan Cat Rescue’s website. To learn more about the organization’s work and available cats, visit its Facebook page.